Work smarter: how far can your internet connection take you?


GONE are the days when working hard will get you to the top. These days, as life becomes more complex, the real way to success is to work smart.

Working smart means using one’s strength to achieve one’s goals in the most efficient way possible while maximizing different tools and tendencies to one’s advantage. And one of the essential tools that smart workers rely on to stay connected and get their day-to-day work done is the internet.

More than just an Internet connection at home, smart workers understand that choosing the right speed, reliability and affordability is essential for their daily online activities.

With SKY Fiber’s Super Speed ​​Plans, individuals have access to unlimited broadband packages to suit both their speed needs and their budget, taking the frustration and financial burden out of their work and life.

SunStar asked a SKY subscriber in Cebu City how having an internet connection that fits his lifestyle helps him work smarter every day.

Perform tasks efficientlyAs a working mother and wife, Arvy Enjambre-Lopez must juggle her job as an executive financial advisor and meet the daily needs of her family. At the height of the pandemic, when everyone had to stay home, Arvy worried about how she would continue to work now that she had 24/7 household chores.

“Going online and talking on Zoom was unheard of before,” she said. “What will happen to my customers? “How am I going to visit them?” were questions I had, but the transition was made easier for me because I had a reliable internet service provider.

Arvy’s fast internet speed allows it to accomplish deliverables quickly and on time. Connecting with clients through video calls is also not a problem as the stable connection makes them feel like they are face to face and could wrap up meetings much faster.

When her work for the day is done, she can devote her time to paying the bills, cleaning the house or helping her daughter with her online lessons. She feels more productive and accomplishes more in a day than before.

Transparent communication

As a financial advisor, Arvy serves multiple clients across the country and staying in touch with them is crucial to her job. But instead of making regular disruptive calls or check-ins, she made it a point to simply be available when needed.

When her whole family started using the Internet simultaneously, she worried about whether she would still be able to respond to customer questions immediately and hold meetings without delay issues.

Fortunately, the Mesh WiFi included in SKY Fiber plans eliminates dead zones in any room and distributes the Internet signal evenly throughout the home.

Arvy remarked, “My daughter goes online, my husband goes online. There are three iPads, three laptops, three iPhones, and more internet-connected devices all at the same time, and to my surprise, we don’t experience any lag.

Reconciling work and leisure

Working all day without taking time to relax can lead to burnout. Arvy struggles to find a balance so she can be a better employee, wife, and mother.

One of the things she loves about her internet subscription plan is that they can bundle it with cable for their home entertainment needs. “I get cable and internet and add-ons that give me easy access to streaming apps, and to think about it, this is one of the most basic plans that SKY Fiber offers,” she shared. .

The cost of maintaining that bundled internet and cable subscription is also not a big chunk of their budget. Because of this, they can allocate the rest of their budget to other hobbies or larger expenses.

Overall, Arvy works best with an internet connection that gives it the right amount of speed at an affordable price. It saves her time and money, which also allows her to prioritize her family and her personal goals in life.

Finding your Internet Swak plan is important if you want to work smart and improve your lifestyle. If you’re still looking for the perfect home internet plan that’s “fast on budget,” consider SKY Fibre.

The 30 Mbps plan costs P1299 per month and you will already get a free Mesh WiFi device that eliminates dead zones in the house. The speed is also increased by 45 Mbps until October 31 so you can enjoy faster speeds without shelling out more money.

There are also options that combine SKY Fiber unli broadband packages with a SKYcable HD TV package, two free Wi-Fi Mesh devices and a SKY Evo digibox for streaming apps, so your family can get the most out of your subscription. . You can opt for the affordable 40Mbps plan (boosted to 65Mbps until October 31) which includes 16 HD channels and 52 SD channels for P1,699 per month.

Interested in subscribing? Visit and apply online. If you submit an online request for a 50 Mbps or higher plan, you can treat yourself and your family to up to 400 free P400 Greenwich e-GCs through September 30. (SPONSORED CONTENT)


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