What is a VPN and does it protect my internet connection?


You can’t surprise anyone with a VPN Nowadays. People use it for different reasons. However, the most common of them is accessing blocked websites. Unfortunately, the content you can watch or download depends on your location. Even if you are an active Netflix user in Korea, you cannot watch the TV shows and movies available to users in the United States.

In this case, you can use a VPN for Windows or your phone and just change your IP address to the one that is needed. It will allow you to access the content you want. This is a feature widely used by people all over the world. It’s not the only option though. There are many other beneficial things you might like about a VPN.

How does a VPN work?

If you still don’t know and wondering what a VPN is, try to find out now. The principles of VPN explained below. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is simply a tool that hides your current IP address and grants you a new one. You might be wondering why you would need to do this. Besides the cases mentioned above, there are other reasons to change your IP address. It is used for internet connection protection.

A VeePN does not let any intruder see your IP address and other data related to it. This is especially urgent when using public connections. The tool establishes a private Internet connection. This way, none of the third parties can access your information. Let’s see it in detail.

Secure encryption

Although you may not know it, once you are connected to Wi-Fi, you become vulnerable to different intruders. External access isn’t a big deal when it comes to using public connections. Even when using your mobile internet or home Wi-Fi, your data can be seen by anyone who will make an effort to do so. Encryption will help you hide your online activity successfully.

You may think it’s nothing special if someone can see your IP address. Of course, if your IP address is visible, it’s not scary. However, those who want to see it don’t actually need it. Their goals are different. When they see your IP address, they connect to it and enter your personal details, including saved passwords, business accounts and credit card details.

All this data must be highly protected and stored securely. May I protect my IP? Yes, you can by using at least one free VPN. Not only will your IP address be protected, but also the data transfer. You share a lot of data online and even accept cookies when you access different websites. They collect all your information for further marketing purposes. Just activate a VPN and avoid all unnecessary headaches.

Social Media Security

When we share all our information on social media, we don’t even think about how much data we give to the public. Platforms such as Facebook collect your data and can track your activity. This information can then be used for their purposes. You can simply activate a vpn for chrome to hide your information from them.

They are not, however, the greatest evil. On social media, many intruders and criminals are looking for their victims. Even if you make your profile private and visible only to your close friends, they use special tools to track your IP address. It is particularly dangerous for children and adolescents. Intruders can easily know their true location and find their home address. With modern technologies, this is not difficult at all.

Install a VeePN on your laptop, PC or smartphone, as well as those of your children, to hide their location from social media criminals who do not have pure intentions. An active VPN will not allow them to track your IP address and will give a fake one. They will think you are in a totally different country.

How to enable security for your connection

It is very simple and it is better not to overlook these privacy options. Choose a good and reliable VPN for Windows, iOS, or simply your smartphone or tablet. Once you subscribe to one, you can use the same VPN for your different devices with the same login credentials. Then open it and click “Connect to server”.

The tool will connect you to the best server of choice or one that you have selected yourself. A good VPN also has features like ad blockers, trackers and malware blockers, etc. The most crucial is the bypass functionality of your local network. Most advanced websites and tracking tools can still track your current IP address. By enabling this feature, you can be sure that even these won’t find out your real IP address.

Besides security, a good VPN will allow you to access geo-restricted content and boost your internet connection. It bypasses the speed limits set by your internet service provider.

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