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Holberton School’s new CEO’s goal is to increase the number of schools worldwide to position Holberton School as the world leader in information technology education

/EIN News/ — SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Effective October 1, 2022, Florian Bucher took over as principal of Holberton School. Founded in Silicon Valley, the network of schools specializes in educating high-level IT developers around the world.

Convinced that an alternative to the current education system is necessary and possible, Florian Bucher is taking over the project led by Julien Barbier since 2015. His ambition is to strengthen the level of technical, social and behavioral skills of future developers trained in the existing system. Holberton Schools and all those which will be created in the years to come.

“Our mission is to provide a consistent and identical quality education ‘Made in Silicon Valley’ to all our students, everywhere in the world, to promote education and training as a lever for economic and social development. The people who make the today’s code are creating the world of tomorrow, and I am delighted to contribute to this dynamic, with an even stronger desire to lead Holberton School to the rank of the best computer science schools in the world”, says Florian Bucher.

With its proven model of success and an extensive network of alumni working for top IT companies, such as Google, Nvidia, Meta and Tesla, Holberton School’s ambition is to accelerate its development while assuming its social responsibility in IT talent training. By 2025, the network hopes to double the number of physical locations in the USA by relying on a growing number of local and international partners.

About Holberton School Headquarters

The Holberton School’s Silicon Valley-created network of high-quality programs educates tomorrow’s tech talent through a disruptive, collaborative, and hands-on methodology. Since the launch of its first cohort, in 2016, in San Francisco, more than 3,500 students have joined Holberton School on its 24 campuses around the world (5 in Europe, 13 in the Americas, 3 in Africa, 1 in the Middle East , and 2 in Oceania). Holberton School also operates as a white label or franchise to make high quality education available everywhere.

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