The Haitian Project paves the way for the second school in a network of 10 schools with the aim of finding a solution to poverty and instability in Haiti



NORTH KINGSTOWN —The Haitian Project (THP) inaugurated the construction of a second Louverture Cleary School (LCS 2) in the Central Plateau region of Haiti in the diocese of Gonaïves. Building on three decades of success at THP’s flagship Louverture Cleary school (LCS Santo 5) just outside Port-au-Prince, this “model campus” will be replicated to create the Louverture Cleary school network (LCS Network), a nationwide system of 10 top-notch, tuition-free Catholic secondary boarding schools combined with a strong college scholarship program. Each new school will be established in a different diocese / department of Haiti, increasing access to quality education outside the national capital.
The $ 7.4 million model campus project represents the first phase of the comprehensive $ 73 million LCS network plan. This first phase includes the development of the site and the construction of the Model Campus, as well as the development of the sites and initial buildings for LCS 3 and 4.
Patrick Brun, responsible for THP’s partner foundations in Haiti and leader of the Haitian private sector, commented on this important step: “Innovating on the Model Campus is a monumental step forward for the Network and for Haiti. And the Network is exactly what Haiti needs right now. If you know the history or have followed the news in Haiti, you will realize the importance of education in solving the country’s problems. This program is precisely the largest education program the country will ever see. We need bright spots all over the country, and this is what the Network will finally bring to Haiti.

In a country that suffers not only from the constant expatriation of educated young people but also from the migration of people from the provinces to the capital Port-au-Prince, the LCS network serves the objectives of stemming the “brain drain” while promoting decentralization to help alleviate overcrowding in Port-au-Prince. A Louverture Cleary school in every department of Haiti will help stimulate regional economies and support structures that will encourage development across the country, not just in the capital, opening up all regions of the country to allow Haiti to emerge. as a prosperous nation.
The graduates of LCS Santo 5 are proof of this. After completing their university education in Haiti, Louverturians are highly sought after by local employers for their education, their ability to speak four languages ​​(Kreyòl, English, French and Spanish) and their leadership skills. Coming from families earning less than $ 1,000 a year, alumni earn an average of $ 12,000 a year within just a few years of college.
Importantly, 90 percent of LCS graduates stay in Haiti (a country where only 30 percent of young people stay after graduating from college) and attend university or have paid jobs while building a better future for their families, their communities and their countries. Keeping Haiti’s future leaders and change agents in the country is by design; The culture of the Louverture Cleary school is rooted in active community service and a commitment to give back drawn from the charism or spiritual identity of the Haitian Project. What you receive for free you must give for free (Matthew 10: 8).
Medical resident Linsey Francesca Jules, a 2013 graduate and one of 25 percent of LCS Santo 5 alumni who pursue medical studies, illustrates the Louverturians’ commitment to a better future for Haiti: ” Since I was a child, I have always loved medicine because I love to help others. I want to become an excellent pediatrician and also hope to continue studying obstetrics to help improve health care for women in my country.
The model campus is designed to be safe and efficient with beautiful buildings in addition to prioritizing energy self-sufficiency, comfort for staff and students and integration into the surrounding community. It will include spaces dedicated to an early childhood development program, football fields, basketball courts and open fields for agriculture and / or electricity production for the benefit of the school as well as from the surrounding community.
Like LCS Santo 5, the Model Campus and each new school in the Louverture Cleary Schools Network will be a catalyst for environmental sustainability. LCS Santo 5 remains a pioneer in Haiti in the deployment of solar technology and environmental stewardship through education and in practice.
From more traditional waste management practices like recycling and composting to hands-on experience with solar power and other innovative green technologies, students at Louverture Cleary Schools will understand the importance of environmental stewardship for fight against the vicious circles of environmental degradation in Haiti. The model campus and all campuses in the LCS network will be 100% solar powered.
In addition, the Model Campus will be an anchor institution that integrates positively into the local and regional economy, providing resources and socio-economic support to stimulate the natural development of the community. In order to improve the stability and productivity of the school and the community in which it is integrated, THP collaborates with local institutions, organizations and individuals to select and execute projects with economic and environmental benefits for the school. whole community.
“The breakthrough in the field on the model campus was simply crucial,” says THP President Reese Grondin. “This makes the Network’s vision a reality. And he affirms a better future for Haiti, built by and for Haitians themselves. There couldn’t be a more exciting time to be a part of the THP community. I sincerely hope that many more people will join us. New donations are putting the wind in the sails, and there is no better investment in Haiti than education.
Once completed, the LCS network will ultimately provide 3,600 students with quality service-based education and 1,200 alumni scholarships at Haitian universities each year.

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