Newrez supports non-traditional borrowers with non-QM signature products


FORT WASHINGTON, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Newrez LLC (“Newrez”, the “Company”), a national mortgage lending and services organization, is committed to helping non-traditional borrowers realize their dream of home ownership through its range of Smart Series (“Non-QM”) products. Designed to meet the needs of borrowers often overlooked in other non-agency products, Smart Series offers non-traditional borrowers the opportunity to buy their home at fair prices through expanded guidelines.

Today’s competitive housing market, changing rates and shifting borrower trends are fueling demand for such non-QM loan products, with Smart Series recently surpassing the $1.3 billion funded milestone. With its vision of creating the future of homeownership in sight, Newrez remains resolutely focused on innovative products that benefit underserved borrower markets and make homeownership more accessible.

“Our Smart Series loan products were created with non-traditional customers in mind – someone who is self-employed, someone who just falls outside the qualifications for a jumbo loan due to a recent credit event. or someone looking for investment property – any other creditworthy borrowers who just don’t fit the mold of a traditional buyer,” said Jeff Gravelle, co-director of production at Newrez. “By offering lending solutions alternatives like our Smart Series products, we can help more people become homeowners by redefining what borrowers need today.”

The Smart Series suite includes three non-QM loan products:

  • SmartSelf is a product that ideal for self-employed borrowers requiring the use of bank statements and/or amortization of assets to qualify. This type of loan continues to grow in popularity, now accounting for over 55% of the company’s total non-QM production.
  • SmartEdge is a product that offers competitive financing solutions to borrowers who fall just outside the standard agency and jumbo premium programs due to a credit event or other isolated failure in their credit performance.
  • SmartVest is a product designed for experienced real estate investors seeking to purchase or refinance an investment property held for commercial purposes

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About Newrez

Newrez is a leading mortgage company that combines mortgage origination and servicing to deliver a priority customer journey and help our customers take smart action throughout the life of their mortgages. Differentiated by its origination platform, the Company offers its clients unparalleled lending options for purchase and refinancing. Its business services service on behalf of Newrez clients and includes a third-party service brand, Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing. Founded in 2008, Newrez is headquartered in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania and is a member of the New Residential Investment Corp family.

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