Kate Middleton wears Queen Elizabeth II’s iconic jewelry in her honor


NOTow that she is known as the new Princess of Wales, Catherine Middleton has many new perks that come with its title. One of them wears many jewels that belonged to Queen Elizabeth II. Over the past few days and in the days to come, Kate has worn and will continue to wear beautiful jewelery that once belonged to the late Queen. Last Wednesdayshe was spotted wearing the Queen’s famous pearl earrings as she greeted the Royal Guard.

The queen has often been photographed with these famous earrings which have been in her possession for decades. But the most surprising moment has arrived Saturday as members of the Royal Family hosted a lunch at Buckingham Palace. They welcomed the Governors General of the Commonwealth nations who made the journey to London to The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on Monday.

The Queen’s signature pearl necklace

Kate, 40, decided to honor the late Queen while wearing the one necklace that ruled over the rest of her jewelry. After wearing the earrings on Wednesday, she wore the signature pearl necklace that she has used in most of the photos she appears. Royal expert and writer Marlene Koening speaks to Reader’s Digest on the Queen’s jewelry choices.

She said the late monarch was never interested in wearing many different pieces of jewelry. According to her account, the queen never liked material things, which is why she decided to lend a lot of her objects to other women of the royal family. queen cosort camilla has some pieces like Kate Middleton also done.

King Charles III now controls all jewelry

Koening also revealed that the person in charge of all the late queen’s jewels is none other than King Charles III. Since all items worn by other female royals are on loan, the king is expected to grant these loans. None of The women of the royal family are authorized to sell or give away these items, they are strictly supervised by members of the Royal Family staff.


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