How secure is your computer network?


The escalation of cybersecurity breaches around the world urgently requires local businesses to step up the pace of digital security assessments as a proactive and preventative measure against breaches. As a process, security assessments represent a detailed examination of computer systems and digital applications within the computer network.

Security professionals perform a risk analysis that reveals potential vulnerabilities in the targeted business environment.

Comprehensive examination of the surrounding threat environment includes the use of standardized and proven digital testing tools that support both automated analysis and manual penetration testing of the organization’s digital network. This work is performed under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

The primary output of a security assessment is a detailed report delivered to the organization’s senior management with specific and clear recommendations and suggestions for improving the company’s security posture.

Contributed by Dr. Sean Thorpe, Professor of Cyber ​​Security, University of Technology, Jamaica and Past President of the Jamaica Computer Society (JCS).


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