Ezecom update on internet connection for migrated customers


Dear Valued Customers,

Since publicly announcing Ezecom’s takeover of Opennet customers in May, Ezecom has relentlessly restored nearly 40,000 service reports to date, to ensure our customers continue to enjoy stable Internet services.

Our technical teams worked day and night, rain or shine, seven days a week, to repair and restore networks and equipment. During this period, high levels of vandalism have been discovered, which exceeds average global industry standards. These have inevitably increased the pressure on downtime and performance. Ezecom is working with the authorities to find an effective solution to minimize these practices.

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Ezecom has also radically improved the ability of our Customer Service Consultants (CSCs) and network technicians to ensure sufficient resources to handle the volume required.

Acknowledging all unwanted disruptions, we are grateful to report the following progress:

  1. Network restoration in Phnom Penh and all other provinces is complete for the May-June batch. The only pending province is Sihanoukville, mainly due to unfavorable weather conditions and we expect the serviceable ones to be completed very soon. Our network technical teams have also radically improved July restore cases in our continued efforts to provide better quality of service.
  2. CSC’s efficiency has also drastically improved through structured plans to reduce the dropout rate to zero. We continue to value all feedback from our customers, to make us a better company tomorrow.

The interest of customers is our greatest concern. We will continue to improvise and strengthen our network to ensure that our customers, our community and our nation continue to progress as the Kingdom opens up to many economic activities such as the ASEAN Presidency, SEA Games, etc. . Ezecom will rise to the occasion and make Cambodia proud.

Once again, our greatest gratitude to our customers’ kind patience and understanding during these intense and difficult times.

From the management and staff of Ezecom

24/7 customer service 085 888 181





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