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BlackBerry expands its local network

The company has expanded its SecuSUITE offering in the Asia-Pacific region, in partnership with NSI Global, Praesidium Group and Teletrol-One.

The platform recently received security accreditation for use by the NATO Communications and Information Agency, providing protection to government agencies and intelligence services against eavesdropping threats.

Through accreditation, the platform can be used for NATO secure communications.

“BlackBerry is pleased to expand its global footprint with select new APAC partners, helping government and industries more effectively secure mobile communications and protect people and operations,” said David Wiseman, vice president of communications. secure at BlackBerry.

Recent events in Australia and Asia-Pacific continue to show why information security must be impenetrable. Surveillance, spying and interception of calls and messages are on the increase, so to ensure that all backdoors are completely closed, a more comprehensive approach to securing information in real time with reliable and easy technology to use is imperative.

The product is a ready-to-use secure application for Apple, Android and Windows devices, protecting devices from eavesdropping.

Navid Sobbi, managing director of NSI Global, explained that the system was essential in intelligence.

“As a leading provider of counterintelligence, counterterrorism intelligence, digital forensics, geopolitical risk and other solutions, we understand that the technology tools we provide to our customers must have rock-solid levels of security” , explained Sobbi.


Following extensive forensic testing of SecuSUITE in our lab, we have partnered with BlackBerry to offer its maximum security encrypted mobile communications.

“Another appeal was its ease of use, providing reliable communications in a simple way – through a highly secure app that was easy to deploy to employee devices, wherever they were.”

BlackBerry expands its local network


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Last update: November 17, 2022

Posted: November 17, 2022


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